Samsung’s Bulletproof Business Software vs. Blackberry

By Jacquelyn Tanner.

Since a short time after the release of the iPhone in 2007 the Blackberry has been hanging on by a thread.  It has been the corporate world and  I.T. managers that have remained devoted to RIM’s once groundbreaking mobile phone.  The Blackberry continues to dominate the business market because of its trusted and well-respected security software. In addition, in light of the recent storm of internet hacks technological security has only grown in importance.

Samsung introduced its new security software named “Knox” yesterday at an international cellphone industry trade show.  With this new software, as well as a change in marketing tactics, Samsung hopes to steal *the last of Blackberry’s faithful consumers.

*of course this all may change with the introduction of Blackberry’s Z10

You can read more about this on the New York Times site.


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