Satechi releases $40 mini router that fits in a purse, works as a repeater

Satechi releases minirouter that fits in your purse, works as a repeater

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in the only corner of a hotel room where the WiFi actually works, then Satechi may be able to get you back to the desk. Its Multifunction Mini-Router not only gives you a private, 300 Mbps WiFi access point from a hotel’s wired internet, but functions as a repeater that can distribute a weak wireless signal elsewhere in the room, too. It also works as a standard home router, of course, and even has a bridge mode which lets you take an existing WiFi network and re-transmit it with a different name (and security), useful for combo networks like those in a cafe, for instance. Finally, the client mode lets you plug the Satechi box into a wired device like a Smart TV or set top box to give it WiFi capability — letting you dodge the hefty freight of proprietary WiFi dongles often not included with such devices. That’s a lot of functionality for $40, but if we had you at “WiFi repeater,” check the PR and video after the break.

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