SAWBO Releases Deployer, an Educational App for Developing Countries


An animated man moves across the screen as a narrator explains the symptoms of Ebola, and then various ways to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. The animations illustrates each symptom and preventative tactics that are described in the voice-over.


This just one of more than 50 animations that¬†SAWBO — which stands for Scientific Animations Without Borders, based at University of Illinois — is attempting to deploy to people across developing countries.

Videos focus on topics such as health, finance, and agriculture and have been developed within relevant cultural contexts and local language to make them accessible to people regardless of reading literacy. Videos span topics from how to use charcoal for water filtration to cholera prevention to how to properly use an inhaler.

SAWBO took the next big step in late April: they released their app, Deployer. The educational app is a mobile library of all of the animations; users can view, download, and share the animations using Bluetooth.


While we love slingshotting birds and chopping fruit on our mobile phones, Deployer is a great example of how technology can be used to provide important knowledge to people across the globe.

Congratulations to the the team at University of Illinois for their continuing efforts to develop apps that can enhance peoples’ lives through education!


SAWBO Deployer App Tutorial (Android)

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