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Intelligent Content: Soon Your Media Will Know You Better than You Know Yourself (PaidContent)
Tablets and ebooks are extremely popular, but they’re far from the final frontier of digital multimedia.

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The next generation of content is yet to come in the form of personalized, dynamic displays. It makes sense – content that responds to user behavior, curation as a predictive model, and experimentation beyond print. Here’s what will happen when content meets data.

Twitter Now Costs $5 Per Month If You Want to Use Vowels (Twitter)
Word on the street is that Twitter is shifting to a two-tiered service: a subscription plan and a basic plan that allows users to do everything except use vowels.

Twitter’s rationale More efficient and dense communication. T’s Nt bd, rght Maybe not since it’s April Fool’s.

Letting Our Guard Down with Privacy (NYTimes)
How much personal information is too much personal information

You say that you value your personal information, but what details would you ultimately give up in exchange for a really great deal Here’s how consumers are making these very important choices and trade-offs.

Premium Publishers Give Private Marketplaces Another Look (AdWeek)
The goal here is to connect VIP publishers with their advertiser counterparts. Premium ad inventory has value because of its exclusivity – because it isn’t available on real-time-bidding exchanges.

At the same time, real-time-bidding allows for a powerful and efficient advertising model that can’t be ignored. One solution Private exchanges.

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