Smart Trench Coat

We already heard of a smartphone and a smartwatch, but a smart trench coat? No, not at all. If everything will go well, a trench coat with 4G will be available in February next year.


The coat, by Motiif, will offer you a waterproof and trendy design and foresee a 4G data connection and smartphone charger all in one. There will also be a smartphone app integrated in the coat which can provide you the weather information and if you should wear the trench coat or not.

The coat has an internal charging dock, this will fit with the iPhone 4, iPhone 5s and both Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4. You simply slide your handset into the coat’s breast pocket and connect it to the charging dock. The charger is exptected to offer enough energy to charge your handset three times over. To recharge the coat you will be able to simply hang it on a hanger with its included wireless charging pad.

Pricing for the trench coat has not been announced yet. According to the founder, Balbi, it won’t cost more than an average trench coat.




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