Smartphones Do Not Really Make You Smart, Says Study

A math teacher asked his pupils, “You want to do a little bit of basic arithmetic calculation – What will you do?”

The students replied, “Launch Calculator app on Smartphone!”

Anyway, jokes apart, it has been a worrying sign for our generation that Smartphone’s actually make you tired and unproductive. To get a sound night’s sleep, the first thing you need to do is keep your Smartphone’s away. The temptation of looking at Smartphone now & then is now a habit that has become part of our character as well. We all have habits of checking emails and articles, late at night, even while lying on a couch. A new study demonstrates that such type of behavior of ‘sleeping with Smartphone’s’ is not worth it. The habit of having hooked to your Smartphone at night just before sleep dissipates the employees’ psychology by morning and they start feeling tired by the next afternoon, states Melissa Korn, content contributor at The Wall Street Journal Blog, “Give rest to your Smartphones, get rest for your smart brains.”

The researchers from the University of Florida, Michigan State University and University of Washington conducted a survey and found that most skilled employees do their job monitoring through iPhones for notes from their managers after a long day in office is over and replying to their contemporaries every time, makes them less productive.

too many cell phone usage

Few past reports also support the fact that staying concentrated and fighting distractions requires  hell of an effort; thus Smartphone has actually been a pleasant distraction that takes you off-track, and you don’t even know. Thus, Smartphones are actually making us unproductive and has become slaves of the technology.

“Using any kind of tech gadgets not only affects our sleep stretch, but also interferes with our attentiveness the next day, and out of the lot, Smartphones are more energy-sapping devices. It is because Smartphones are compact, always accessible on-the-go, and the handiest devices to turn to. Hence, its excessive and prolonged use has a negative impact on our psychological well-being,” says Christopher M. Barnes, assistant professor, Management Department, Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington and a co-author of the paper.”

“The researchers don’t know the exact period of time as when Smartphone’s have ill-effects on sleeping habits, but one thing’s for sure, use of Smartphone even before half an hour of bedtime can affect your sleep,” said Barnes.

Cell phone disturbing sleep

As the joke mentioned above, it is true that even for the silliest of reasons, we pick up our Smartphone. People don’t want to stress their brain even a bit and they start launching their desired apps. Although technology has broadened our range of explorations, it has narrowed our mind-set. Although it has made us accessible to the world, it has jammed our intellect. The current generation doesn’t want to look beyond Smartphones and gadgets, and it has taken over their lives. Life has definitely improved and eased by Smartphone’s, but the quality of survival has somehow suffered as we are over-dependent on it. This is same for everyone, so nobody thinks in this manner as what would be their lives without Smartphone’s.

Generally, Smartphones replace the human brain skills by providing an app for almost everything and thus, never letting the brain’s IQ to be tested at the grassroots level. Even though the fabricated knowledge is increased, but the real wisdom gets small. Thus, it makes our mind unproductive and enhances the lack of fresh creativity.

So now it’s time to think, does Smartphone really make you smarter?

Aren’t you too, reading this article from your Smartphone?

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