Are Smartphones Truly Safe for Your Children?

With the extreme proliferation of smartphones over the last several years comes the inevitable question of whether or not these devices are safe for children. As our most valuable natural resource, considerations for child safety are paramount, making this concern an extremely important one.

So are these handy pieces of tech truly safe in the hands of our children? Let’s take a look at some of the most pressing concerns held by parents and regulatory bodies alike.

Stranger Danger

Guarding our children from strangers is certainly not a new phenomenon with the rise of the smartphone. However, the interconnectedness of smartphones and the internet opens up whole new horizons for predators to try and make connections with unsuspecting children.

This fact makes it of paramount importance to teach your children the dangers that can be associated with interacting with someone they do not know. This is even more important online, given that experienced predators can assume any identity they like to lure you children to disaster.


Viruses and Malware

While acquiring a virus is by no mean solely the purview of children, their lack of experience in matters of online security can make them more susceptible to these kinds of attacks. Many viruses are picked up by clicking on links, either in an email or on a webpage. Since many of these ploys are deceptive in nature, kids may think they are okay to access.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe

Regardless of what area of life you are referring to, one of the best ways to keep your kid safe is by teaching them about dangers they may come across. This holds true even more so with online activity, where a little explanation and guidance can help your kids avoid any pitfalls that may arise.

Another solution is parental controls, which can be installed directly onto your child’s smartphone. Many different, quality software suites are available, all of which can provide mountains of assistance in keeping track of your child’s virtual activities.

Do you have children and have feedback on additional ways to keep children safe using smartphones? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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