Sony Xperia Still Works after 6 Weeks at the bottom of the ocean

Waterproofing your smartphone seems like a no brainer – in fact, waterproofing any electronic device seems like a no brainer but has been proven very difficult, seeing as we only have a handful of devices that actually ARE waterproof.

There are plenty of people who have knocked over their drink on their laptops or phones, or dropped it in a toilet puddle. There is no feeling like it, knowing your entire digital life might just be gone forever. Sony felt that pain and released their Xperia line of devices to be waterproof – although the official rating only guarantees the device to be waterproof for 30 mins in 1.5m of water – so if you drop it in the ocean, you might be out of luck.

Well, apparently one such owner of an Xperia Z2 did just that. They were out jet-skiing on the ocean one day when the smartphone dropped into the ocean and sank to the bottom (which, in this case, was about 32 feet). Since there was nothing they could do at the time, the owner left, thinking the phone to be gone forever.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.36.13 AM

However, some handy friends came back to the spot some 6 weeks later with scuba gear to see if could hunt down the phone – and they actually found it. It had a cracked back (which is made of glass) but the phone did power on and was fully functional once it was charged, which is pretty amazing considering that Sony tells you that its not guaranteed to be waterproof for more than 30 mins and definitely not in saltwater.

So if there is anyone out there who has dropped their phone in a lake or in the ocean, it might be worth it to go and find it – because someone else might find it later and power it on to find all your naked selfies!

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