Stay, Mum App: for the Genuine Gamer

Can’t decide if you should throw yourself into a heartfelt novel or let your mind drift away in a mobile game?

Well, say no more, now you can do both, seriously, with the Stay, Mum app.

Before I begin I should warn you, the game itself is as emotional as the name implies.

It all starts when we meet John, a young boy who is happiest when he gets to spend time with his hard working and frequently absent mother. To distract her much adored and wide eyed son in her absence, John’s mother is constantly providing him with blocks to play with. Okay, here is where the gaming part comes into play.

Stay, Mum app

While his mother is gone, John, with the help of you of course,  must create wild shapes out of the blocks, representing his free and enthusiastic childhood imagination. Once this is done, the player (you) and John can move to the next level, as long as you beat the timer that is.

As you travel through the game, you will learn more about John’s life, his many friends that appear as levels are cleared, and the real reasons behind why his mother is just so busy.

Stay, Mum app friends

Designers of the Stay, Mum app call it: An easy to play and elegant game, where imagination is the limit.

Here is a quick “how-to” tip from the App Store:

“Tap and move the blocks around to form shapes based on the outline shown before each level. When satisfied, tap a button to make them fall on the platform. But – make sure they stay in shape when they hit the floor!”

Stay, Mum app example

After my own research on this very unique and emotion filled app, I couldn’t have said it any better than this experienced gamer did on his Stay, Mum app review:

“It is really hard to explain what kind of game this is, but I can say for sure that it’s not your typical game. This is different and sweet. Everyone should play this once, just to try out a different thing on the store. “

Well there you go, are you curious enough to find out more about John’s mother? I for one am not quite sure how I feel about a game that has the potential to evoke my tears, I do however, admire a different angle of gaming. If you want to get in the mind set before you really invest yourself in the game, check out the Stay, Mum trailer on YouTube.

Stay, Mum app

Updated as of November 3rd, the Stay, Mum app has introduced its’ latest version (1.2) it includes, fixed Chapter access when levels are cleared, tweaks to physics, fixed glitches, and minor bug fixes. The Stay Mum app can be purchased for $2.99 on the Apple App Store and is compatible with both IPhone and IPad.


Off you go gamers, John is waiting and getting lonelier by the minute!



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