Streamy Awards Best Videos, Pinterest Challenges Twitter, Google PageRank

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The Best Web Videos Win at the Streamy Awards

PaidContent highlights the best of the Streamy Awards, hosted by Chris Hardwickwhich recognizes the top web videos.

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The winner of Best News/Informational Show was SourceFed, which was created by YouTube sensation Philip DeFranco. Lindsey Sitrling, who was on “America’s Got Talent,” won for her choreographed videos, while “Burning Love,” which just started its second season, won for Best Comedy.

Pinterest’s Popularity on Par with Twitter

According to Mashable and a study by Pew, in 2012, “Twitter attracted 16% of social media users, followed by 15% on Pinterest.”

Pinterest is a favorite amongst women and adults under 50 years-of-age. The most popular site is still Facebook, while Tumblr was used by only six percent of social media fans.

PageRank and Online Writers

Demian Farnworth of CopyBlogger writes about what Google did with page rank to upset online writers, and how they have since fixed it.

PageRank could easily be gamed by content farms and thus it messed up online writers who were putting out quality content. Now, with Panda, content farms like eHow and have been wiped from the search rankings. Instead, sites with higher quality content get rewarded.

Meredith Taking Over the Magazine World

The Wall Street Journal reports on the possible Meredith and Time Inc. deal and how successful Meredith has been.

Recently, Meredith has sold interactive marketing and licensed “its brands to retailers and steadily expanding its portfolio to get more scale.” It has also established its own marketing firm, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, and bought out half a dozen other firms. In 2007, Better Homes even began a deal with Wal-Mart to sell a line of home goods at the store.

Social Tool Determines Possible Oscar Winners

According to ClickZ, there is a new tool out, Brandwatch, that will assist in predicting the winners of the Oscars based on online reviews and chatter.

Though it doesn’t make obvious conclusions, it does show the positive feedback for films and performances throughout the net. Fox example, it shows that the critic’s and public choice for best picture is Argo, while Daniel Day-Lewis was a favorite for best leading actor.

Securing a Freelance Gig

WePay covers what it takes to land a freelance gig.

Freelancers have to take the time to research companies, as well as the person who is doing the hiring, and go into every application with that background knowledge. Clients need to be sold, whether it’s through testimonials about writers or through their prices. A follow up should be completed, just in case a query was overlooked.

Researching a Website Before Writing for It

Squidoo covers steps that freelancers should take before deciding whether or not to write for a certain website.

They should find out whether or not work can be edited or deleted after its published, or if they have to relinquish the rights to it. They should look up the Google PageRank of a site and find out if it’s upfront of residual payment. Websites need to have good reputations with writers and writers have to determine what kind of writing style is required of them.


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