Super Cool Apps Help You Find Lost Items

By Jacquelyn Tanner.

For those of you who lose things, which I think is almost everyone(especially now that everything comes only in size miniature,) there exist apps that that help you keep track of your belongings.  Two of these apps are , BlueBee and Bungee. They were recently described in a Forbes article.

Lets start with Bungee. It is the more, for lack of a better word, amateur of the two. “[Bungee works by] combining printed tags asking the finder to text a unique identification number that you’ve previously linked to a phone number or email address.” Sounds simple enough. There are three issues I see with this app. 1 is of course that getting your stuff back relies %100 on the person who picks it up. If the person is the kind to return your belonging than you are pretty much set. Items that would have once been difficult to return to their owner, like sunglasses or dead cellphones, are as easy to return as a driver’s license. In addition, the find-ee has to do very little work, making them all the more likely to make the effort.


The second problem I see pertains to the fidgety(me) and to the perfectionist(not me).  I know people who can keep a paper-mate pen in mint condition for years; me, on the other hand, wouldn’t be able to keep a trophy in decent condition if my life depended on it. My point is that a sticker on any of my frequently touched items will be scratched, scuffed, or ruined within days. On the other hand, I have friends who are super particular about their accessories and would not want to dirty them with a sticker or tag.

Lastly, to get Bungee, you actually have to go to their website and purchase it… like so inconvenient.

BlueBee works a bit differently, “it combines a small device (the BlueBee), a wireless tag the shape of a cassette tape, that clips onto anything you might loose, like your keys, bags, pets, etc. It then communicates with an app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) using Bluetooth 4.0.

Just like previous electronic tags, if the lost object is within close range (50 meters/164 feet), it will show up on the map on the phone. The opposite scenario works too: if you have the BlueBee handy but can’t find your phone, just click on a button on the BlueBee and your smartphone will start ringing, even if it was set in vibrate mode.


All BlueBee owners are automatically enrolled in the Blue Crowd Network, helping each others find their lost stuffs

BlueBee really shines when the tag and the smartphone are miles apart, which activates the crowdsourcing feature to find the lost item. Because every BlueBee owner is automatically part of the Blue Crowd Network, any member who happens to walk within range of a lost tag will send anonymously an alert with its GPS coordinate.  It’s like having thousands of moving radar looking for your lost items.”

Issues 2 and 3 from above apply here as well, however, issue 1 which is the more important, does not. BlueBee is not reliant on the hope that whoever finds your item decides to return it.

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