The Surface Pro 3: Microsoft’s Newest Tablet Takes Aim At the Laptop Industry

Our modern world is virtually riddled with tons of different kinds of mobile computing hardware. Mountains of models of tablets and laptops all vie for a piece of the mobile computing market, each with different selling points that make them


perfect for certain types of activities. Sometimes, it may seem like the toughest decision you have to make is that of choosing which type of device to buy.

An announcement on Tuesday of this week by Microsoft may put all of those decisions to rest. The Surface Pro 3, the latest installment in Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market, is being billed as “an all-in-one device, serving the function of both laptop and tablet, without compromise.”

So how does Microsoft plan on living up to this claim? The answer, of course, lies in the Surface Pro 3’s specs.


The Surface Pro 3 is a monster, with a diagonal-viewing measurement of a full twelve inches. This is a sizable increase to the Surface Pro 2 which came in at 10.6 inches. At first glance, this increased size may seem to take it out of the range of most tablet enthusiasts, who traditionally look for something smaller and lighter. However, the composition of the Surface Pro 3 has actually made it thinner, faster and lighter than the Surface Pro 2, keeping it well within the parameters most tablet lovers look for.


The Surface Pro 3, as with previous versions, includes a kickstand that can be used for increased viewing capabilities. The kickstand on the Surface Pro 3, however, is multi-stage, providing different viewing angles perfect for laptop replacement. In addition, a Type Cover is present, which adds a much greater degree of sturdiness, as well as a larger trackpad.


The Surface Pro 3 runs a full version of Windows 8, as opposed to the paired-down version found in previous submissions. This will allow users to run full Windows programs, as well as apps designed specifically for mobile devices.

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