Tablet Usages As Cash Registers For Retail

Consumers aren’t the only ones going gaga over the emergence of tablets and their imminent success. A rapidly increasing number of stores and outlets are starting to use the tablet as “point-of-sale terminals” according to a survey done by the Mercator Advisory Group Inc. recently. The report titled, “Tablets at Checkout, a True Disruptor,” predicts the number of tablets used at checkout counters and used as payment terminals at stores in the US will increase from 80,000 to 2.2 million by 2016. In addition to tablets that are affixed, a surprisingly large number of retailers are giving their sales associates tablets so that they have the power to check out customers anywhere in the store.

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The wide popularity of tablets and their adoption, 208 million tablets by the end of the year, will lead many stores to switch from cash registers to tablets at the point of sale. ShopKeep POS Inc. introduced iPad POS checkout service in 2011. After its debut at the Telluride Film Festival, they incorporated PayPal acceptance with PayPal’s store-based payment system, PayPal Here.

Paypal Here

PayPal Here empowers the consumer to open the PayPal application on their phone and view the list of retailers nearby that accept PayPal. When the consumer finds a suitable merchant, he/she virtually checks in with them. The check-in enables the merchant to verify the identity of the consumer so that when the consumer shows up to buy the services or goods, the merchant can charge it to their PayPal account without having to touch the costumers wallet or Smartphone even once.

Another tablet based point-of-sale system is Groupon Breadcrumb that was launched in July 2013 and even updated their application just 8 weeks thereafter to include new features including one that allows merchants to store up transactions for an hour even if the connection to the internet is lost.

As tablets become widespread, more and more merchants will have to embrace the idea of using tablets to make payments.

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