TBT, Game Changers in the History of the Mobile Phone Part 2

By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

This article is a continuation of last Thursday’s article “TBT, Major Changes in the History of the Mobile Phone.” As a brief refresher here is the introduction we gave to last week’s article: The history of the mobile phone dates back to 1973 when it was, for lack of a better word, invented. It was first available for commercial use in 1983. A graceful 30 years later and a lot has changed about the handy device. In honor of Throw Back Thursday lets take a look back at some of the major changes that have taken place…you know, the BIG changes, the ones we seem to recall as a turning point for the mobile phone. Last week we covered the first mobile phone, the infamous Nokia, the first flip phone, the first color phone, and the first “smart” phone. That brings us to #6 the Blackberry.

TBT Major Changes in the History of the Mobile Phone

6. Oh the blackberry..I have the fondest memories of you. My memories come in 2 rounds. Round 1 is when my dad first got his BLACKBERRY Blackberry. It was the coolest little handheld device thing I had ever laid my eyes on; it was so small and cute..and had the coolest clickable buttons (mind you..my parents never let me get a Sidekick 🙁 so keyboard-phones were new to me).  Round 2 is my freshman year of college(oh and what a year it was). During my freshman year of college all of my cool friends had blackberries. When someone asked me for my “pin” and I had to respond “oh I don’t have a Blackberry” it was like an avalanche of shame crushing me. No, I am being dramatic I didn’t care that much. However, the Blackberry was the phone you had to have. What made the Blackberry a necessity, for me, was the BBM of course, and the e-mail.

7. The iPhone. The iPhone I tried to fend off for as long as was physically possible. I was and still am an anti-touch screen person. Maybe it is my chubby fingers but I can not type with any sort of efficiency on a touchscreen phone (ok things like Fruit Ninja are cool). Not only did I dislike the idea of a touch screen, but I also thought the thing was massive. I didn’t think it was massive, the thing was massive. I liked to carry my phone in my back pocket, and that was certainly not possible with the iPhone. Nonetheless I obviously got one..whatever.

8. The introduction of the Android wasn’t really a game-changer, aside from the fact it was the inevitable competitor to the iPhone.

9. You tell me. What do you think the next big game-changer will be? Bendable touch screens perhaps? Maybe holographic keyboards or wearable tech…only time can tell.

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