Tiko: 3D Printing anytime and anywhere!

As digital media and app development is evolving faster than ever before, 3D printing is changing our lives too on a fast pace. The only problem that this technology faces now, is that those printers are not really accessible for the bigger crowd, where the 3D printers would have their highest potential.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.11.44 AM

We, as a society, are evolving more into a community where we make our own products or where small companies make products, personalised for a specific person. 3D printers are boosting this kind of makers economy enormously. Imagine that you can print that annoying missing piece to assemble that chair. Individuals can take more control over their life, power to the people.

But like I said, those printers weren’t that accessible for regular people. Many companies have tried to make an affordable version, but few succeeded. I believe that I now found a fairly good 3D printer on, where else, Kickstarter.

The project, TIKO, was very successful on Kickstarter. 16538 backers raised almost 3 million dollars, in a time of 3 months, to make this project become reality. Their goal was 100K, which illustrates the success of the project.


Tiko is, in comparison to other 3D printers, made out of an unibody. This results in a stronger, more accurate and sustainable product. The platform where the product is being printed, is also enclosed, which results in a more precise printing process.  6aVM1ae EsuubhNRo90ciFLsKXHMQ0lOUaDlCRdc70En1wJ87fIs73EPtpNjrf0v8SRtIAc5DZMZGImrKIqrClyZLh2e01AwW18iU4TU 0h0wf61FDOsI8d0orG42n96ihOTAXU

As you can see in the GIF above, the refilling of the filament is as easy as it can be.TIKO warns you when you’re running out of filament, so you can pause the printing and refill TIKO. Awesome, no?


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