Tinder dates: Just how common are they?

Having previously written two articles about Tinder (on Android and Apple), I was intrigued when I read Paragon Poll’s study on how many people had ACTUALLY met up with someone physically that they’d connected with virtually. According to Paragon Poll, only 1 in 5 people on Tinder have met up with a person they mutually swiped right.  PEW also did some research, but on Mobile Dating in general, and found that “66% of online daters have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating site or app”.

Why aren’t Tinder lovebirds sharing the same amount of love with other Tinder-ers as they do on other mobile dating sites? Is it because of the shift towards a more ‘in the moment’ kind of meetup? Or is it just that there’s still a stigma around mobile dating out there?

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As someone who has had some…odd messages come through from a seemingly nice person, I have to say I wasn’t surprised by Paragon Poll’s findings. Although I’ve got friends who have successfully met up with people through Tinder, and had a nice time – not everyone’s experience is as rosey. From different expectations of the date, to using overly-flattering photos in their Tinder profile (thank you Instagram filters) the ways to shape potential perceptions are endless.

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When you consider the varying response types a mutual right-swipe can illicit it becomes even more apparent why people are skeptical about Tinder dates. There’s funny, creepy, not in on the joke, random, topical statement about your profile, the drunk Tinder message and of course, the fail safe “hey/hi” variant.

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Overall, online dating has grown in popularity with 59% of internet users agreeing that online dating is a good way to meet people, a 15-point increase from 2005 (according to the Pew research mentioned above). So if it isn’t the ‘stigma’ of online dating, then why are Tinderers more hesitant than other online dating users to meet up in person? Let us know your thoughts!

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By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

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