Tinder Flame, For The Extra Fire Chasers


It has come to this, not only are young adults across the nation using the Tinder mobile application to find “good looking” potential dating buddies within a reasonable circumference, but now accessories, in this case the Tinder Flame app, are being made to specifically cater to and enhance the already trendy dating app.


Yes, with Tinder Flame, somehow it is possible to create more organization and easier user experience when it comes to creating online dating pools.


Tinder promotes, “friends, dates, relationships, and everything in between.” According to Tinder.com, the app is responsible for over 10 billion matches since the app’s release three years ago. If it works, it works, and apparently so do companion apps for Tinder.

So, now that everything is squared away, let’s talk about you. Do you or someone you know use the Tinder app like it’s their job? Well, users of Tinder Flame are the users who love to Tinder, but regardless, still don’t seem to have much luck when it comes to matches.

Naturally, those users are looking for more assistance when it comes to narrowing down the billions and finding others who are already interested in them. Who cares about good old-fashioned fate when mobile applications can help. #SMH (shaking my head).




Flame for Tinder helps users view a potential match that has already “liked them,” as in clicked “like.” tinder flame

This is a feature that the Tinder App lacks entirely. With this feature, users gain a bit of assurance when it comes to striking up a conversation with a complete stranger. “You go Glen Coco,” now even the shy guys have a chance, I hope you caught my reference there.

Check out what makers of the app have to say on the Apple App Store description of Tinder Flame:

“Flame is not just another dumb “like everybody” app – Flame is a simple but powerful results-booster for Tinder, backed by serious research. Use our powerful features to see the secrets that others can’t, boost your quality matches and get the best possible results from your Tinder profile.”

What else does Tinder Flame do to enhance Tinder? Good question, users who may or not be feeling the vibe of a potential match have the ability to control their matches, as in activating or not activating a match. Last but certainly not least, Flame for Tinder lets the social media stalker in all of us go back and re-view the profiles that we have already seen.


tinder flame

But wait, there’s more, with Tinder Flame you can also win more friends, yes, this is beginning to sound like an infomercial. The Flame app for Tinder conveniently links to users to their existing Tinder profiles.

Easy? Yes, but in the words of a young girl who became famous for open-mindedness, Cindy-Lou-Who, from How the Grinch Stole Christmas “… isn’t this all just a bit much?” Maybe yes, maybe no, it all depends on your dating style.

There you have it. It is online and mobile, it is picture perfect (by choice), and it gives users a sneak peak when engaging in an already modern dating method. What’s next, Uber rides for Tinder dates?


Have you used Flame for Tinder? Let us know what you think!


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