Tinder Profile Tips!

Looking to spice up your online dating profile? Look no further. Today, we have tips, that’s right, profile tips that will make your Tinder profile say more about who you really are and highlight all of the great things you have to offer to your next potential Tinder date!

Just as a reminder, we know that online dating isn’t easy, in fact, at times it can be downright nerve wrecking. So, let’s see if a little added boost of confidence (knowing that your profile is the best it can be) can ease some of those nerves.

Below you will find ten tips for creating the ultimate Tinder profile!


tinder profile tips


10 Tinder Profile Tips

Non-gender specific

1. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. If possible, choose photos that highlight your talents or interests. Posing with your dog may make a difference between a swipe left or a swipe right to a serious dog lover!

2. Have more than one picture on your profile! We’ve all got hundreds of photos, whether it’s a selfie or not. In all honesty, it is a dating site, so people want to see what you look like. Using only one picture often fails to capture everything about your look. However, don’t forget to leave some of you for imagination. If you are looking for a serious relationship to come from Tinder, keep calm and keep the photos classy.

3. When it comes to the body copy. Find the happy medium, too much wordy text or too little of information provided can hurt you. No one wants to go out with someone who has nothing better to do than write out their entire life story and personal preferences online, AND no one wants to go out with someone who’s only insightful words are “Matt, age 24” either. Balance is key.

4. Give it to them straight. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how much fake content is used to create online dating profiles. Don’t pretend to be someone, don’t pretend to have more money than you do, don’t use another person’s face and call it your own just to chat with a stranger.

5. Keep it professional, yes some of your co-workers also have Tinder. Only post what you would show to your boss.


tinder profile tips


6. If your on the confident side and want to share more than just a few photos, link your other social media accounts to your Tinder profile. Instagram would be a good one here, it doesn’t show as much of your personal life, the way that Facebook does, but it gives you the ability to share more photos.

7. Keep the selfies to a minimum, yes we know it’s a fad, but you want people to know that you have friends or even know someone else that could have taken the photo for you. Selfies are okay for a close up profile picture, but mix things up!

8. Let a close friend or family member read over your profile. A second opinion never hurt, and if this person truly knows you, they will make sure your best characteristics shine through your profile!

9. Browse other people’s Tinder profiles to find out what NOT to do, it could be more helpful than you think.

10. Last, but not least don’t forget to be YOU! The most important part about your Tinder profile is the person that is speaking, well typing, from it! Make sure your conversations reflect the person in the photos and the text in the bio. It all adds up to make for the perfect profile!


tinder profile tips


There you have it! We hope these tinder profile tips have been helpful! Off you go to be everyone’s fabulous find on Tinder!


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