Tinder, the Best Dating App in the Game: NOW ON ANDROID!

By David Pate, G+ profile.

Back in May, I let you all in on a little secret of mine – I love Tinder! Well…good news Android-users, Tinder for Android is now available! After receiving over a million requests for the Android edition of the previously iOS-only app, Tinder is sitting in the Google Play Store just waiting for you to give it a go.
Tinder is an online, quick to the point, questionnaire-free dating app. Tinder CEO, Sean Rad told TechCrunch that iOS users have already rated over seven billion profiles, and had produced over 100 million matches. With between 5,000 and 10.000 installs since it’s Android release (according to the Google Play Store), it’s looking like Tinder will continue to explode and re-shape the $1 billion online dating industry.

Since my post in May, Tinder have changed a few things, for example you can now restrict the age range of your matches. So I think it’s worthwhile we take a second to recap all that is Tinder.


What is Tinder?

Tinder uses Facebook to pull information on your age, photos, likes/dislikes, current city, relationship status etc to bring you matches based on your location, (there’s something semi-poetic about this, given Facebooks origins in the halls of Harvard as “Facesmash”) and taps into our need for instant gratification, notifying you straight away if someone you ‘liked’, ‘likes’ you back, getting rid of those pesky questionnaires you need to fill out on other dating sites. If there is a ‘mutual like’ then you have the option to strike up a conversation in the chat feature, or just accept the ego boost and move on.

Tinder for Android Profile Screenshot Tinder for Android Match Screenshot

Tinder for Android Message Screenshot Tinder for Android Match Screenshot

Who’s using Tinder?

There’s a few different user ‘types’ on Tinder. The most common are those who treat it as a game, those who want an ego boost, those who are just looking for a bit of fun and a few who are looking for dates.


Why is it so successful?

The gamified approach of Tinder takes the ‘seriousness’ away – meaning it’s been able to “take off among the SnapChat generation”, and it also takes the “weird” out of online dating. Tinder has made it socially acceptable and encourages people, to make snap judgements based on nothing more than how a person looks, obsess over whether someone you likes has ‘liked’ you back and vainly boost your own ego – activities that people normally would never admit to doing. With the addition of only allowing messaging between mutual “likes”, the online dating process is streamlined, you know immediately how a person feels about you, as the Huffington Post put it, “It’s as if singles suddenly [have] mind-reading super-powers”.


Tinder is like a breath of fresh air in a social media world filled with likes, hearts, favorites and thumbs up with no option of ‘disliking’ something. Tinder doesn’t try to hide the scrutiny and instead makes it completely open with a big red ‘X’ button, while at the same time avoiding the sting of rejection. Due to it’s random nature, if a stranger hasn’t liked you, it’s possible they haven’t seen it yet.

Have you used the Android version of Tinder? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. The Bang With Friends option only works with your friends on FB, The best feature i like about Tinder is that it can let you met someone totally out of your “graph”.

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