Tinder, the Best Dating App in the Game

By David Pate.

Tinder is the first dating app that I have used, which perhaps makes me not the most reputable person to be reviewing a dating application. Nonetheless, I think the fact that Tinder is the only dating app I have actually downloaded AND used says something in itself.  I am fully aware of the vast variety of dating websites and their corresponding smartphone apps that are out there, but the only one that convinced me enough to try it was Tinder.

I have seen the commercials and even visited the sites of the likes of  Match.com, Christianmingle.com, and JDate (if you are familiar with the last two you can see I am a little confused.) I usually go with the intention of seeing what the online dating process entails and who they would potentially set me up with. Nine out of ten times I do not even make it to the “who they would potentially set me up with” part.  I cannot bring myself to write the little something about myself part(even as a joke!) or fill out the kind of guy I am interested in part. Maybe I am being overly apprehensive but it is all just TOO WEIRD.

Tinder takes the “weird” out of online dating. It uses your location to match you up with people around you. You can pick the mile-radius of your choice and it will show you the pictures of those in that radius. Tinder takes your picture, interests, and mutual friends from Facebook (which you have to connect to, but does not in anyway show on your profile.) Presto! The “little something about yourself” is all taken care of. As you scroll through images of the people in your area you are able to “discard” or “keep” them. Dont worry Tinder does not tell you who discards you, your feelings are spared. If you “keep” someone and they “keep” you, you get prompted to chat with them. The rest as they say, is history.

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Tinder’s downfall is that you cannot narrow your search by anything other than distance and sexual preference (maybe age would be nice?) This is perhaps the reason the majority of people on the app are in their low to upper 20s; a 45 year old woman on the app could feel very out of place. Nonetheless Tinder is in its infancy (it isn’t even on Android yet), and is bound to change and improve. Hopefully soon enough the casual looking/chatting/meeting-up-with opportunities that Tinder provides will be available and comfortable for everyone!


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