Tiny Tablet Incoming: Microsoft’s rumored Surface Mini to Touch Down this May

After months of intense rumors, new details regarding the much awaited Microsoft’s Surface Mini has finally appeared on Amazon, one of the most trusted e-marts in the world.

According to early listings on the online store by Chinese electronic store Vostrostone, the new Surface Mini may debut in Mid-May because Vostrostone has marked May 18th as the day the accessories will be available. The listing on Amazon was discovered by Aki Antman who shared the news on Twitter about two surface mini accessories, one for a Bluetooth keyboard and another for Smart Cover case, found in the listings.

Smart case for surface Mini in Amazon

It is believed that the image in Amazon listing is just a placeholder, but the retailer has exclusively indicated that the case is designed solely for the surface Mini. And judging from the image, the case looks like that of the iPad Mini. The case is also listed in four basic colors: white, black, blue, red. This may mean that the surface mini will also be available in the four colors.

Going by the rumors, the new mini tablet will measure 8 inches, but we won’t know for sure whether the measurements in the cover are legit. But considering that iPad Mini measures 7.9 inches, 8 inches is well within that range. However, half-confirmations from Microsoft sources have said that more sizes and aspect ratios are available for the surface mini.

Perhaps it is because Microsoft wants to grab the low-end market, and that’s why it is planning to unveil a smaller flagship windows tablet to bring down the asking price. This may follow complains that Surface Pro2’s price was prohibitive. Generally, tablets seem to be trending downwards in size and price as a whole.

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