To Do List Apps, The Top 3!

1. Google Keep

To keep up with the trend of all things Google, now Google lovers can add yet another asset to their Google Account. This time that asset revolves around task management. Since Google users will already be logging on to their Google account daily, whether it be to check their Gmail, or add files to their Google drive, having one’s to do list on hand in the same account can only keep users that much more organized.


According to the Apple App Store, here are the features included within Google Keep App: 

“1.Capture, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere. 2. Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep. 3. Organize your notes with labels and colors. 4. Set and forget. 5. Get reminded about a note at the right time or place. 6. Record a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed. 7. Grab the text from an image to help you quickly find that note again through search.” – App Store 

Google Keep is available for download on the Google Chrome Web Store, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. 

2. Remember the Milk

Well, let’s hope you never forget to buy the milk if you are using this to do list app. A feel good to do app to help you remember all of your tasks. This app even let’s users view which tasks they have assigned to others, because they are just that organized!


Below, you can review Remember the Milk’s included features and app capabilities:

“1.Get to-dos out of your head, and let the app remember for you. 2. Get reminded via email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile notifications. 3. Share your lists and give tasks to others to get things done faster. 4. Stay magically in sync on all of your devices. 5. Organize the way you want to with priorities, due dates, repeats, lists, tags, and more. 6. Search your tasks and notes, and save your favorite searches as Smart Lists. See tasks nearby and plan the best way to get things done. Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and more.” – App Store

According to the app store, Remember the Milk is, “used by millions worldwide to be more organized and productive.”

Remember the Milk is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

3. Clear

For the truly dedicated organizers, this one’s for you. The clear app help’s users focus on what needs to be accomplished on a day to day basis.


According to the Apple App Store, here are the features of the Clear App: 

“1. Simple gesture-based design that allows you to focus on your to-dos. 2. Use separate lists to organize every aspect of your life. 3. iCloud sync built-in so you can be productive everywhere.
4. Set reminders so you’ll never forget important tasks. 5. Personalize your Clear lists with themes and make them your own. 6.One universal download for iPhone, iPad and now Apple Watch! 7. Syncs with Clear for Mac (available separately on the Mac App Store).

According to the New York Times, “Clear’s interface is elegant and clever…”

The Clear App is available for purchase on the Apple App Store.

To do list apps are one of the first steps when it comes to getting organized, get to it!


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