Top Mobile Trends 2017

The Top Mobile Trends 2017 is something you need to be aware of. When it comes to technology if you are not open to learning something new every day you will easily find yourself falling behind the trends.

This year is shaping up to be another year of continued growth for mobile technology. Not only is new and exciting tech infiltrating the mobile development sector, but the cost of creating a mobile app will be more within reach for small businesses in 2017. So let’s look at the biggest things in store for mobile users.

1. Purchase boundaries

Marrying the physical and digital words – allowing for consumers to interact with brands online while in store. Consumers will expect the continued expansion of reliable in-store Wifi for checking stock, product information, pricing and offers.

mobile first (1)

2. Mobile-first moving to mobile-only purchases

Consumers are moving further and further into “mobile-first” purchases, to the point that they’re less likely to move from mobile to another device to finalize their purchase, instead they will make most of their purchases directly on mobile. This encourages brands to make it even easier for consumers to navigate their retail stores and make purchases.

3. Next-generation ad creative, mobile video leading in 2017

New ways of approaching the mobile ad unit will drive a focus on key ideas, such as non-intrusive mobile experiences, dynamically animated and adhesive banners, and ad delivery that dovetails even further with consumers’ locations and activities. Mobile video ad-spend is projected to exceed $6 billion by the end of 2017.

4. Small businesses will adopt app technology

Small businesses that haven’t moved into the app environment yet will create apps that replicate that of larger corporations, much like the apps on offer from Starbucks, Subway and Dominos.

5. Location Based Services (LBS)

Using a consumer’s location to target them will become popular this year, another way of combining the physical and digital landscape to change user experience.

6. IoT App Integrations to Continue

The IoT (Internet of Things) industry is in the midst of a major boom right now and will continue down this path, catering for implementations in the fields of health, education, security, smart homes, automobiles and more.

7. Mobile Security

Payment security is a necessity and apps/websites that secure your information will thrive this year.  Criminals and hackers have set their sights on data that businesses use to serve their customers. Security should not be ignored, and while it may not directly generate revenue, it is necessary for customers to have faith in your systems.

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