Top Mobile Trend’s Top 3 iPhone Accessories: Triggers

Top Mobile Trends is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest apps, software, games and accessories to take your iPhone from Smartphone, to Geniusphone. Here are our Top 3 must have ‘trigger’ accessories via The Photojojo Store!

#1: The iPhone shutter Remote
A terrible first-world problem that plagues generations everyday is the super-close-up selfie, especially when you’re trying to get a LOT of people in the photo. Well those terrible days are gone! Introducing the iPhone Shutter Remote, a pocket-sized remote that connects with your phone via bluetooth and lets you shoot photo and video. Some handy hints on how this could revolutionize your life;
1. You could become a stop motion extraordinaire with the easy to use remote. Click – move your lego man. Click – move his hand. Click…okay you get the idea.
2. Have a fruitful career as a long exposure photographer because now you don’t need to hold your hand that still for that long.
3. Have a gigantic group of friends not limited by the length of your arm and size of the iPhone screen.

iphone shutter remote

#2: Triggertrap

Photographers rarely get to be in on the fun because they’re too busy documenting it from behind their incredible DSLR, capturing you in high pixel count quality. Well photographers, those days are gone. You can now be in on the action with triggertrap. The sync cord turns your smartphone into a DSLRs new best friend, giving you a multitude of trigger types to choose from including standard, motion, sound, time-lapse, distance-lapse, face detection, customizable HDR and MUCH more. Features vary between Android and iOS so head on over to the Photojojo store for the full set.

triggertrap#3: The iPhone Cable Trigger

You know those super rushed photos you take that would’ve been epic if you hadn’t been so excited that your hand was shaking like a polaroid picture? Well no more excuses! The iPhone Cable Trigger isn’t like our other featured triggers, where you need an app to run it – it is a stand alone product. Simply, plug, click and shoot! The folks over at iPhone Cable Trigger also considered the headphone-tangle-complex and included a retractable cable to stop that infuriating mess from occurring. Plus, it looks like an old school roll of film which is kind of adorable.

iphone cable trigger

By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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