Top Mobile Trend’s Top 3 iPhone Accessories: Lenses!

Top Mobile Trends is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest apps, software, games and accessories to take your iPhone from Smartphone, to Geniusphone. Here are our Top 3 must have lens accessories via The Photojojo Store!


#1: The iPhone SLR Mount

Our first pick for favorite lens accessories is the SLR Mount. Now I’m not much of a photographer, but the fact that I can turn my smartphone into the king of all cameras – a DSLR, blows my mind. For the wanna-be photographer in all of us, the iPhone SLR Mount allows us to tap into our “artistic” abilities and snap away coffee-book worthy instagram photos!

iphone slr mount


#2: Holga iPhone Lens

There’s something crazy exciting about getting to physically choose your “filter” before needing to put it through an app – and that’s where the Holga iPhone lens comes in! The lens attachment allows you to choose between 9 different lenses, all you need to do is spin that colorful little disc and let out your inner 9 year old self.

iphone holga lens


#3: The iPhone Lens Dial

I’m sensing a bit of a trend here…apparently I have a thing for dials. Who knew?! Well the iPhone Lens Dial is another exciting add-on to iPhone photography, a growing hobby! You can choose between Wide Angle, Telephoto and the always-a-good-choice Fisheye. Again, just rotate that disc to change lenses, much easier than opening and closing a bunch of different apps!

iphone lens dial


Come back next week for more featured iPhone accessories! Including cases, stands, lenses, cute/weird accessories, and more!

By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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