Top picked iPhone accessories from Photojojo: Flashes

Top Mobile Trends is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest apps, software, games and accessories to take your iPhone from Smartphone, to Geniusphone. Here are our Top 3 must have ‘flash’ accessories via The Photojojo Store and Trendhunter!

#1: The Kick

We all know that “bright white” isn’t the best light for everyone, but it’s the only option we have on our phones so people have to deal. Well – not anymore! The Kick has 5 rows of LED lights and syncs with the free Kick Light app to set the color, shade and intensity. Got a photo that you really liked the lighting? The Kick can mimic it! From balancing a scene or making your friends look like they’re at a rave, The Kick can do it all. Simply slide it onto your phone, hold it in your hand or tripod it, and hey presto – you got yourself a portable light studio.

the kick light studio

#2: The Pocket Spotlight

Every photographer is at the mercy of the sun, and sometimes it can be a vindictive little star – it sets when you haven’t finished shooting and pokes it’s face out from the clouds when you’re in the middle of a perfectly lit shot. Well thanks to The Pocket Spotlight the sun just lost a little bit of it’s power. The Pocket Spotlight mounts to your phone’s headphone jack, camera’s hot shoe or off-camera in your hand and gives a constant light source so you can see what you’re shooting, and focus before snapping away. You could use it to avoid taking accidental pictures of the fence behind your friends, add a little lense flare to your snaps or add a bit of pizzazz to your Instagram foodie shots. The possibilities are endless, and now you can see them too.

the pocket spotlight

#3: Flash Dock

The biggest frustration with using a DSLR in today’s world is the inability to share your photos with the world straight away – you know, instant gratification and all that. Well the Flash Dock helps to solve this, and allows you to geotag photo shoots – yay! Mount your phone on your camera, use an Eye-Fi card to sync your camera to a Wi-Fi connection and send photos from your DSLR to your camera phone – and now you can Instagram in extreme quality.

 flash dock

By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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