Top Ten Tips to Increase your iPhone Battery Life

We’ve all been there, sitting, waiting, and wishing that our iPhone hadn’t just crossed the bridge of no return, the bridge of no battery that is. I mean what could be worse than not knowing what that Facebook notification said? Okay well things could be a lot worse, but its still annoying. I need my iPhone battery to be reliable.

Since everybody seems to have this same problem, one logical approach would be to incorporate simple battery saving techniques into your other daily routines. To make things easier we have created a list and yes, an acronym for your memory’s convenience.

Pay Attention, I call it: BAT DETAILS


IPhone Battery

1.    Bye Bye Bluetooth

When not in use, be sure to turn off Bluetooth in settings. Bluetooth allows users to transmit data wirelessly, which can drain the battery when Bluetooth is left on to accept incoming data all the time.

You can turn Bluetooth off by going to Settings > Bluetooth > Slide to Off

2. Airplane Anytime

Most users think Airplane Mode is only necessary well, when you’re on an airplane, but actually putting your iPhone on Airplane Mode when you are in an area with no Wi-Fi can actually save your battery, this way your phone will not continuously be looking for Wi-Fi.

You can turn on Airplane mode by going to Settings > Airplane Mode > Slide to On

3.    Temperature Check

Be sure your phone is at a cool temperature and in a comfortable environment, leaving your iPhone in a hot environment, for example out in the sun, for too long can cause the phone to overheat which will alter battery life and alter performance of the phone.

4.    Dim It Down

Dim your auto brightness to save power. Your phone does not always need to be on the highest brightness level, especially during long periods of time when you are not  looking at it.

To dim your auto brightness, slide up the menu bar from the bottom of the screen and slide the brightness bar to the left. See Image.



5.    Email Chains are overrated

Check your email manually, the more emails you receive, the more automatic email functions will steal your IPhone battery. Checking emails manually as opposed to fetch, which automatically checks your email at pre-set intervals, every 5 minutes for example, is a better solution for battery life.

6.    Turn off Good Bad Vibrations

Turn off your vibration settings. The action of this movement actually drains your battery, If your phone is on loud, you don’t really need it to vibrate on ring too.

You can turn off the vibrations in Settings >Sounds > Vibrate on Ring, Vibrate on Silent> Slide to Off

7.    The App Closing Myth

Closing our apps, by sliding them up and out of our sight, may not be as beneficial to our phones as we once thought. This action causes the apps to refresh themselves, which can actually cause a big drain on battery. Here is an alternative to tackle the same task.

Go to Settings> General > Background App refresh

 8.    Good ol iOS 9

The latest IPhone update iOS 9 has actually come equipped with a Low Power Mode capability.  As usual, your IPhone will notify you when it has reached a 20% and 10% battery charge. Now, a pop up will appear asking you if you would like to enter low power mode. You can also manually access low power mode at any time. The low power mode works by reducing display brightness, optimizing device performance, and minimizing system animations. When your phone is recharged, low power mode will automatically switch off.

Go to Settings > Battery > slide Low Power Mode to ON


9.    Location, Location, Location

Lingering location settings can really drain battery Your phone is constantly keeping track of where you are and where your friends are, through apps such as Facebook. Turn off location tracking capabilities. You can do this individually for each app in Settings.

10.  Signal Strength

Turn that Wi-Fi off when you are in an area of little to no signal. Your phone will continuously try to find any possible Wi-Fi to connect you to and take your battery along with it.

To turn your Wi-Fi off go to Settings > Wi-FI > slide to Off


Well, there you have it, I hope these BAT DETAILS help you to keep your mobile best friend alive and handy at all times.



B  Bluetooth

A – Airplane

T  Temperature

D – Dim

E  Email

T – Turn Off Vibrations

A – Apps

I – iOS 9

L – Location

S – Signal


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