Trust the Stars and the Internet to Find Your Next Love Interest

miumeetscreenshotHe loves you, she loves you not. That’s just how dating works sometimes. But by incorporating astrology and a range of filters, MiuMeet’s free dating app hopes to help members find what they are looking for in partners.

Members can upload pictures (including ones from Facebook), write a description, and select their interests. Popular interest groups include music, intelligent conversation, 420, tattoos and piercings. Then, the search begins.

MiuMeet encourages anyone to use the app, regardless of sexual preference. Users can choose from a variety of filters: men, women, men and women, minimum age, maximum age, and even ethnicity. Then, members can choose whether they are interested in chatting, picture trading, meeting, hooking up, or looking for a relationship. To search for matches, tabs display profiles based on who is online, who is nearby, and who is in the same interest groups. But if a person wants to show another friend a specific profile, users can search names as well.  Another feature allows members to find people within 65 miles or anywhere from around the world. So when people comment that there are tons fish in the sea, MiuMeet is there to help you navigate the (domestic and international) waters.


Matches can share pictures, send messages and use a variety of smileys.  Additionally, a love calculator estimates compatibility based on zodiac signs. Users can also check their daily horoscope or daily love horoscope. To organize matches, people can star profiles or hide matches they are not interested in pursuing.

The app is compatible with Apple and Android devices, however members must be 17 years old or older. Some iTunes and Google Play reviews warn users about fake profiles and spam. Unlike Tinder, MiuMeet users do not need a Facebook account, which might contribute to this complaint. The current version’s rating has an average of 3 stars although there is an average rating of 4 stars. For people looking for a specific type of partner and are interested in astrology- MiuMeet may be the best match for your dating needs.

How do you think MiuMeet compares to other dating apps? Do you think MiuMeeet appeals to more serious relationships or flings?



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