Typo Iphone Keyboard Case

Some people have trouble with the keyboard of their iPhones. Some might find it unhandy or the letters are too small so you end up making a lot of mistakes. Typo understands this problem and has therefore created the Typo iPhone Keyboard Case. The case is designed especially for iPhone 5 and 5s. You “click” the case onto your iPhone which provides you more screen space since you don’t actually use the original keyboard. The keyboard itself reminds me a lot of the Blackberry keyboard, which I liked a lot! I must say that I personally prefer the button keyboards instead of just the touch screens. And I do tend to make less mistakes with the Blackberry keyboard compared to the iPhone ones.


A plus is that the case also protect the back of your iPhone which means a scratch-free phone! The keyboard itself is clicked onto the iPhone which elongates your iPhone so it gets even bigger ( not sure if that’s a plus..). To learn more about the Type Iphone Keyboard Case, watch the video below.

TYPO PRODUCTS – iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo on Vimeo.

Jackie Devine

Jackie Devine

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