Umoove: Human-computer interaction

Listen Up! Dynamic apps that enhance human-computer interactions are the next big thing. The prospect of having a mobile app that creates an eye and face tracking solution, and compatible with all mobile devices is insanely impressive. That is exactly what Umoove, founded in 2010, has done.

Actually, Umoove is a dynamic app that delivers an extra computer interaction layer that naturally compliments touch, thus enabling a better understanding of user interests and attentions, thanks to its deep analysis of eye movements.

Human eye interaction

Umoove has simply ramped up eye movement technology. With its motion-sensing technology and precise face tracking technology, the Israeli startup has ensured users make use of the existing cameras in their tablets or phones to improve interactions with their mobile devices to better understand themselves without having to tell the computer much.

According to CruchBase, Umoove has raised nearly $3 million in total funding and plans to burst onto the eye-tracking technology world in a big way. So, what will the app do exactly?

The app will use your camera to monitor your movements as you move around in an accurate, precise manner.

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Whether you want to use Umoove for medical diagnostic purposes based on your eye movements, content that changes based on its interpretation of your interests, or just real analytics to analyze your interests, Umoove understands you as a close friend and you don’t have to tell it everything.

In other words, Umoove’s eye-tracking technology is all about the computer understanding the user without even being told anything.

The software is built to facilitate communication between the user and the computer using the face and the eye. This software can be used by marketing professionals to study the behavior of customers when they encounter an ad. This could help shape future advertisements after studying customer behaviors such as how long they take to view the ad using Umoove technology.

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