Unreal Engine 3 adding Oculus Rift support this April, Epic Citadel demo packed in


unreal engine adding oculus rift support this april epic citadel demo packed in o nct 1

The engine that powered the vast majority of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s hit games, Unreal Engine 3, is getting a development kit update to support the soon-to-be-released Oculus Rift VR headset. Of course, the model of the Rift that’s soon-to-be-released is intended for developers, so the Unreal Engine 3 UDK update is right on time; it arrives at some point in “early April,” soon after the headset itself arrives for Kickstarter backers. Beyond UDK integration, full UE3 licensees will also get an update for integrating the headset into their games.

That said, if you snagged yourself a Rift dev kit and have no intention of actually developing games with it, the upcoming UDK release also includes a “VR Mode” version of the software’s sample Unreal Tournament game, as well as a summer version of the Epic Citadel demo we were shown at CES 2013. Paired with Valve’s offering of Team Fortress 2 VR Mode, that brings the grand total of playable things with the Rift headset to … five or six (depending on what you define as a “demo”). Upcoming PC mech shooter Hawken is also promising Rift support, though it won’t launch until mid-December. The Oculus folks are saying that Rift dev kits will begin shipping to Kickstarter backers this month, with orders fulfilled by mid-April.

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