Unveil your new technology in style!

By David Pate.

Times have changed. Studies show we’re at our most productive when we are challenged and inspired—not necessarily when we’re sitting at our desks and cubicles. Got a new gadget to show off? A new App for smartphones and tablets? OFFSITE provides the perfect turnkey solution for your next product launch.


Fully equipped and seamlessly connected floor-to-floor, OFFSITE boasts technology that is second-to-none, including a complete audio/visual system with multi-screened synced projections on five 60”-80” LED 3D TVs, digital smart board, surround sound, iMacs, iPads, and live music integration that comes standard with your rental. From live camera feeds and audio/video conferencing capabilities to our award-winning plug-and-play Halcon conference tables and high-speed WiFi, your every tech-requisite has already been thought of and wired for.

  • Synced or independent video display on two 60” and one 70” Sharp LED 3D TVs on The Main Floor, a 70” Sharp Aquos Digital Smart Board in The Mezzanine, and the industry’s largest 80” Sharp LED 3D TV in The Underground
  • iMac desktops, iPads, iPod docks, and AppleTV throughout
  • Versatile and removable Halcon Motus conference table with built-in A/V integration and seating for up to 30 guests
  • Surround sound and live music input integration
  • Pre-wired live camera feed for viewing in any area
  • Conference call system and video-conferencing capabilities
  • Wireless microphone for presentations
  • Private, high-speed Internet and WiFi

Branding an event with your organization’s identity is an essential step in the planning process. A brand is defined as a known identity of a company in terms of what products and services they offer as well as what the company stands for in terms of service and other emotional, non tangible consumer concerns.

A strong brand will differentiate your products and services from competitors. Likewise, an event not only represents your brand, it can also differentiate your organization from others.Because the event is like a direct reflection of your company, stripping it of your company’s brand can damage its identity.

Where do you begin in branding an event? Before anything else, it’s important to develop brand standards. Once your organization understands the brand and aligns itself with a specific message, outlining event guidelines helps everything fall into place.

A unique brand includes various elements like a logo, a color palette, a certain style of language, and overall design of website and materials. Creating brand standards that reflect these elements make it easier to be consistent. It can be as simple as making sure all of the computer and tablet screens used at your event have a background with your logo on them. Transform your event and space to unveil your new product!



A product launch is a great event for the main floor at OFFSITE NYC. OFFSITE’s product display wall was designed for showcasing your brand for your guests. See how Nexxus and Jimmy Choo partnered up to give beauty, fashion and style editors an unforgettable experience and how Samsung transformed the space to unveil the Galaxy Note II!


Inquire: OFFSITE, LLC.


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