How To Use Your Smartphone as a Modem

One of the most attractive aspects of mobile computing is the ability to connect to the internet, and subsequently many of your files, data and media content, regardless of where you may be. While most times this is accomplished using WiFi, those times where it is unavailable makes a backup plan necessary. One of the most useful alternative sources is using your smartphone as a modem. This allows you to connect your tablet or laptop to the internet using the data included with your smartphone plan’s carrier. How can this be accomplished, you may ask? Let’s take a look!



Configuring an untethered, Android-based smartphone is simple and can be completed in a couple easy steps. First need would be an app that can perform the necessary configurations needed to route data from your tablet or laptop through the phone and on to the internet.

A perfect example of an app designed for this purpose is PdaNet, which can be had for free from the Google Play Store. Once the app has been installed, and your device is hooked up to your smartphone via the included USB cable, you are all ready to go! modem1



Setting up your iPhone as a modem is actually easier than with its Android counterpart, given that this capability is built directly into iOS. First, access the Settings menu by tapping on its icon located on the iPhone’s home screen. Next tap General, Settings, Network and finally Personal Hotspot, in that order. Tap and slide this entry to the On position, connect your laptop or desktop to the smartphone using a USB cable, and you are ready to surf the net! Wireless connections can also be set up on the iPhone using Bluetooth. From the Settings menu, tap General, then Settings and finally Bluetooth. Make sure that you can see both devices and then pair them. Keep in mind, however, this can rack up extra usage charges through your smartphone carrier.



Setting up a smartphone to be used as a personal hotspot is an easy way to take advantage of using a larger device, such as a laptop, when there are no WiFi alternatives available.

Do you sometimes use your smartphone as a modem? Have you ever had trouble taking up to much data when doing so? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in a comment below!

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