Useful Phones Cases! Stickable iPhone Paperback Notes

Post-it notes for iPhone on the back cover! Well, we know there are note taking applications at your fingertips – But that is somewhere inside your numerous folders on your phone, but with the traditional paper ink note, these notes are always effective and can be attached to the back of the iPhone, suggests Techviva.

Stickable paperback notes as iPhone cases

According to Trend Hunter, typically most people have their cell phones with them all the time. That is one item we own that seldom leaves us. That is the reason it was only a matter of time until this actuality was capitalized on. Use them one at a time, or put a small pile on the back of your phone to utilize it later. Paperback’s pages have detachable glue on most of their surface, keeping the note plane on your iPhone.

IPhone is a trendsetter phone, and the paperback notes in iPhones could now well serve as an example. The paperback notes could well start the trend of actual ink notes on the cases of Smartphone’s. If this latest trend catches on, the size of the phone will get due importance and larger the screen size, larger will be the note size.

Paperback notes

“The trend of sticking paperback notes on the iPhone and other Smartphone’s is quite an innovative idea,” says Marlyn Gothlyn, an enthusiastic user of the iPhone. She had used all the versions of the iPhone and has all the latest apps that App Store has to offer. But she finds this paperback note trend extremely interesting. She further says, “Now, there is no need to launch the software applications for checking the notes, no password stuff and all and no use of power as well. My iPhone is now my writing pad.” She laughs off commenting that she just needs to turn the phone backside now for checking her notes and that too in her own handwriting. Paperback notes are time-saving too, and very simple to use even for laymen non-techies.

Adhesive notepad paperback

The trend is not any invention or development in technology. It is just our old writing charm re-invented and blended with your smart gadget. Do you mind using your iPhone as a pad, literally? Keep visiting Topmobiletrends for more reviews and updates!

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