Virgin Atlantic Can Now Check You In With Google Glass

Nowadays, how often do we get a brand new technology widely adapted to suit its requirements? Virgin Atlantic will now use the latest wearable technology from Google – Glass! The airline staff members will use the Google glass to check-in and present their passengers with a lot of useful information. They are also being fit with smartwatches from Sony!

Alex Colon, author at GigaOm, is excited about the collaboration of Google Glass with Virgin Atlantic. He anxiously said, “Virgin Atlantic is making flying a pleasure again. With the help of Sony & Google, the new product, Google Glass, finds the first significant customer in Virgin Atlantic. I’ll fancy flying now.” This isn’t the first “future” step that Virgin Atlantic has taken. They have released an in-flight safety music video, featuring familiar faces and artists, which went viral last year.

Colon also said, “It is not only just the fun stuff, but the airline employees can actually update its passengers about weather information, local events to your travel destination, or know your food habits and drinking choices in a glance. It sounds so interesting.

Virgin Atlantic using wearable technology

This new suite began at the Heathrow Airport in London. The Virgin Atlantic employees will be given Google Glass or Sony SmartWatch 2 to help air travelers with their check-in procedures. The staffers will easily be able to update any information about flight details, weather reports, preferred city local updates, and perhaps the staffers will also be aware of the dietary preferences of their passengers.

Well, it isn’t widespread yet, you will need to be a first class passenger if you are expecting to see this wearable technology in use on a real time basis. This innovative technology is in its trial operation (in the first class section only) at the London Heathrow airport.

Dave Bulman, IT head of Virgin Atlantic, justifies that the current technology is mostly to modernize the flying experience and add a bit of glamour to the aeronautical industry. He says, “Air travel is always excellent, and more people will use airline after implementing this technology. The fact that air-travel is so easy to access may have led to the brilliance of flying journey. Thus, it’s a move to make something in-flight that brings in more passengers.

Although the wearable technology is a revolutionary in its own kind, several critics are still figuring out as how these devices could bring more passengers as believed by Bulman. We need to wait and see if more airlines will step forward in the near future to implement this technology.

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