Wearable Technology Takes a Twist With the Development Of Tech Tattoos

Wearable tech has proven itself time and time again to be one of the hottest classes of technology currently being developed. From the smartwatch to the fitness tracker to augmented-reality glasses, wearable tech has truly become the standard by which most future tech is designed around.

One type of wearable tech that is currently in development has the capacity to take wearable tech in a whole new direction: the tattoo. That’s right, you read that correctly. Tech developers are looking into methods that would allow temporary tattoos to perform an assortment of different functions.

What type of functions, you may ask? The first is a tattoo that would transform your body’s sweat into useable power for other tech devices, such as a smartphone, smartwatch or fitness tracker. This capability is being developed by professionals at the University of California, San Diego, and operates by measuring the lactate in your sweat. The tattoo would then store the electrons in the lactate, which generate an electrical charge, prospectively turning you into your own power source.


This tech was originally developed with another purpose, as is common with so many new innovations today. This purpose was simply the measurement of lactate in the bloodstream, an activity that currently requires a blood test. However, when the makers behind this tech saw expanded possibilities for its use, the direction towards its new purpose was taken.

Turning yourself into a battery is not the only possibilities that tech tattoos offer. For example, Motorola has developed a temporary tattoo that contains a NFC (near field communication) chip, which would allow you to unlock your phone by swiping it. Granted this tech is still in its infancy, and is only usable on the Moto X. However, as we have seen so many times before, the evolution of this tech could lead to even more and exciting uses.

These two examples are only a tip of the tech-tattoo iceberg. These tattoos can also contain magnets, which could allow you pick up small metal objects or even sense electrical currents. These magnets can also transmit sound, which makes a tech tattoo affixed to the ear area a potential wireless set of earbuds.

I will be keeping a close eye on this field, as the possibilities it allows are truly extraordinary. Have a specific function that could benefit from this type of wearable device? Let us know in the Comments section below!

Dennis Tablott

Dennis Tablott

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