Will QR Codes Become More Popular Or Are They A Fleeting Trend?

Imagine entering a room where at every step your eyes catch a view of tons of information, plastered on each inch of the wall, on hoardings and billboards that crowd all the space around you and open books peeping down at you. Our world today does resemble this scene a bit, as far as the bulk amount of knowledge is concerned. However, technology has saved us the primitive outlook of handling so many data. Q.R. (Quick reading) Codes, a major part of the era, are a boon to the internet.

Barcode to QR Code

A 2D image first developed in 1994 in Japan by Denso Wave; Q.R codes are high-speed reading codes which came to replace barcodes. These codes with the ability to store URL links, texts, maps, videos and vCards find much more usability today in every industry possible. Apart from scanning in stores, they are put to force in restaurants where customers place orders online, receive Q.R codes, which then are processed for home delivery or instant service at the table. Similarly, they are used for shopping too.

Q.R codes make life more appealing for everyone without creating chaos of differences. Scan a code besides an art piece in museums like Sukiennice museum in Poland, and know the secrets behind it. Multimedia greeting cards and virtual cards created using it are also extremely trendy. Q.R codes are enjoyed for their paper friendly nature. In fact, with our eyes glued to Smartphone’s these days, even marketers capture people with creative Q.R codes and the promotional info underneath it. Campaigns and events supported by Q.R tech have had sensational turnouts.

The Q.R code is also a sign of advancement in a nation. A bit far-fetched, but having citizen informed at every step about local businesses, transport connections, and memorable events do sound national progress. In Japan and U.S 60% people use these codes while other countries aren’t far behind. In 2011, the creation of these codes hiked up by 1,253%.

Q.R codes have enhanced our access to the world by bringing it to our doorsteps. But, the hackers and spammers too come knocking about. Scanning a code can at times lead to unknown download of malicious software or sending continuous charged messages from phone. Nevertheless, the clutter-less management and circulation of data by use of Q.R codes certainly makes them a trend to be continued.

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