Nowadays technology is booming business. Not only for people and companies but also for our most lovable dogs. Woof is an ambitious app that makes your best friend very happy in no time.




The app is available in the Apple iTunes Store and in the Google Play Store. You can do a lot with this app. You can create a profile for your amazing pet with his or her name, the age, a photo. You can also take photos and save them into the app, afterwards you can share the photos with the rest of the community. This looks very familiar to Instagram.

Woof also has the opportunity to mark your dog’s territory. When your dog lifts his leg, you can place a pin on the app that is integrated into the map. If any Woof users happen upon your dog’s mark, Woof will let you know that someone is “sniffing” you … or something.

The app is already updated to new features. You’re now able to add more dogs to one account. You can also easily switch between the dogs in your account.


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