XPERIA Z2 To Be Exclusively Sold Online

Sony’s biggest, most powerful phone, Xperia Z2 may have attracted many plaudits when it was launched at the Mobile World Congress in February, but its fans may have to wait longer before they can snag it one in-person from the stores, at least for now. The company has just confirmed that the only place to buy the flagship phone is from its online store.

Since its launch, Sony has been silent over when the phone will actually hit the American shelves. Now there is something to smile about because Sony said its unlocked version will be available via Sony’s online store starting this summer.

The new Sony Xperia Z2

Despite the fact that the Smartphone is not yet available in U.S. stores, the phone has started selling in some Asian Markets. Experts say that this is because the U.S. market doesn’t appear to be Sony’s priority at the moment. Perhaps this explains why there are yet to be definite deals in place with carriers. However, TechCruch says, “Talks are ongoing” about the possibility of such deals. So, expect some news very soon, but for now, the only place to get the phone is online.

One reason the company is struggling with landing the phone in the U.S. market and other places, as experts say, is that the company is struggling with manufacturing delays. Although the unlocked phone won’t suit everyone, it at least gives its fans the opportunity to try Sony’s new most powerful Smartphone ever.

The Smartphone features a 5.2-inch full HD display, 3GB RAM, 2.3 GHz Snapdragon, 16 GB storage, 20.7 MP Camera, MicroSD slot and 4G LTE.

On other news, the company has also confirmed that its Z1 compact will not land the U.S shelves anytime soon–unfortunate news for sure.

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