Yard Sale Finder Apps, for Bargains!

When the weather begins to get warm, it means so many things: barbecues, beaches, and summer shopping. Yard sale season has started! If you have been looking for a set of vintage dishes or a perfect coffee table, a yard sale is definitely your best shot for finding low cost and unique items. To aid your yard sale searches this summer, I am covering the best yard sale apps:


1. Yard Sale Treasure Map

Between looking for a yard sale and then searching their inventory, visiting a yard sale can feel like a treasure hunt! You can never know what type of gems of may  find. This map connects you to Craigslist garage sale postings directly, thus making your search less stressful. Invest your energy into finding great items, and not just finding yard sales!

yard sale finder apps


2. VarageSale

Second on our list of yard sale finder apps is Varage Sale. This app was developed by a mom and elementary school teacher. VarageSale represents a virtual community for sellers and buyers. The inspiration of creating this app came from the swapping of items by Facebook communities, including secondhand furniture, housewares, and clothing, within your locality.


3. 5miles:

Are you fed up of looking for secondhand items on marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay? 5miles is a safe environment for anyone to buy and sell items. It is a user friendly app that is very easy to browse through items and connect with local sellers. Give it a try if you prefer an easy interface with straightforward results.

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4. Yard Sign GPS

You don’t have to drive around your neighborhood in search of yard sale flyers and signs! Instead, use YardSignGPS. YardSignGPS takes record of yard sale signs, bulletin boards, flyers, and posters displaying bake sales, garage sales and farmers’ markets. Simply search and then following the directions to your next yard sale visit! Then, contribute to the company next time you hear about a fun, local selling event in your neighborhood!


5. OfferUp

If you are searching for a less stressful way of buying and selling an item, try OfferUp. OfferUp simplifies the process of browsing through products in your locality. With this app you can find specific items, such as a dresser or dining room table, rather than searching through general yard sales.


6. Wallapop

Ever wanted to visit a flea market? From old trunks to trinkets and crafts to typewriters, you can locate some one-of-a-kind items at a flea market. With this app you will have your local flea market right in your palm, and this makes checking out items and buying items the same day much easier.

yard sale finder apps

Do you use any useful yard sale finder apps? Let us know, comment below!


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