6 Cheaper Alternatives to Google Glass

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

Of course their would be tons of developers out there working to out-do and out-price the now infamous Google Glass. I am going to assume  you’ve heard everything you ever want to hear about Google Glass, so check out how these stack up.

The Recon Jet: The Recon Jet Alternative to Google Glass

• Went up for pre-oder on June 26 2013
• Created by a Vancouver-based company best know for their ski technology
• Glasses are aimed more towards sports activities
• Shows information like heart rate, distance, power.
•  Syncs to your phone and provides notifications
• Connects with Facebook and Twitter

PRICE: $500 now, $600 at launch in December
(info via Popsci.com)



Glass Up:Glass Up Alternative to Google Glass

• Report incoming e-mails, texts, tweets, Facebook updates and messages
•  Work via Bluetooth and a set of Android and iOS apps
• Developing apps for Tourism, Education, Interpreting, Games, Sports and more

PRICE: Ranges from $299 to $499 on Indiegogo



Oculon Smart Glasses:Oculon Smart Glasses Alternative to Google Glass

• Able to view video
• Company claims the battery life will be longer than that of Google Glass
• Will have camera, speakers, microphone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular service
• Will provide speech recognition and gesture control

PRICE: Far from ready for sale but price estimated at about $500
(info via laptopmag.com)



Ora-S by Optinvent:Ora-S by Optinvent Alternative to Google Glass

• See-through full color landscape
• Augmented reality and dashboard modes
• 8 hour battery life
• Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth interface

PRICE: n/a



Vuzix M100:Ora-S by Optinvent Alternative to Google Glass

• Full color display
• For indoor and outdoor use
• Basic web content
• Wireless BT and Wi-Fi connectivity
• Can download Android apps straight to the smart glasses, iOS apps can be linked wirelessly
• Integrated with GPS and spatially aware
• Can capture video and still images’

PRICE: Coming soon



Meta Smart Glasses:Meta Smart Glass Alternative to Google Glass

• “Giant augmented-reality headset
• Supports virtual gaming, facial recognition, and 3D visualizations
• Being designed by Space Glasses
• Compared by its developers as the computer that Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man Helmut
• Focus on virtual reality and holographics

PRICE: $667 for preorder, looking to ship in September
(info via Gizmodo.com)



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