Six Things We Miss About Flip Phones

From your first Nokia – whether yours or your parents – to your newest iPhone 6s, these past two decades have experienced some of the greatest technological advances in the mobile industry. Your cell phone is no longer just your cell phone. Your cell phone is now your GPS system, ensuring you’re never late for a date again. Your cell phone even sets up your dates, ensuring you’re never single again. But for everything your cell phone is and can be, there will always be a soft spot in all of our hearts for one of our first cellular devices: the flip phone. Here are six things we miss about flip phones. And deep down, you may too.

1. Drop Proof

google-drive-iphone6-compressor (1)Gone are the days where dropping your phone didn’t cost a thing. It’s not that the flip phone was drop proof, but it was nearly impossible to crack it, if dropped. Scratched up flip phones weren’t a product of being accidentally dropped, but rather a product of letting your dog drag your phone through the streets for an hour. In 2015, the tiniest mishap can and will leave your phone shattered and costing a hundred or more dollars to fix.

2. User Friendly

As mentioned, there are endless applications and ways to utilize today’s smartphone; it is almost overwhelming. With each advancement in mobile technology, comes several new things to be taught and learned, but it gets exhausting. Can’t we just go back in time to where our flip phones offered one menu of functions? The days where you wouldn’t have to watch online tutorials to figure out how to use your phone.

3. Phone Addictions

Having an addiction to your cell phone wasn’t a real thing during the era of flip phones; people didn’t spend nearly as much time on their phones then as they do now. According to Digital Trends, today’s average American spends 4.7 hours a day on their phone. Seeing as the average American is awake for about 15 hours of the day, that means almost a third of their day is dedicated to their phone and most likely not for communication purposes.

Flip phones symbolized a time when communication with others was still the focus, not being online.

flip phones

4. More Privacy

Smartphones are a magnet for gathering information about their users. Smartphone users are constantly filling out or releasing their information whether it’s consciously through downloaded applications or unconsciously by simply searching something on the web. With the emergence of the smartphone and the increase in applications, came greater public access of your personal information. I don’t remember ever using my flip phone to deposit a check, do you?

5. Not as many distractions

Today, the number of available applications is endless; there are now apps that can do anything ranging from measuring your heartbeat to scanning your documents. With the flip phone, you had all of your options set for you on the menu screen, which contained an icon for each item. If you wanted to go to settings to change the font size of your phone, you clicked the screw driver icon and that was it.

Although there weren’t as many personalization options available, there were far less distractions.

6. Less Pressure

Social media had almost no presence in our lives when we had flip phones. As the cell phone advanced, so did social media. New applications and functions were created that kicked off social networking to a whole new level. As great as social media is, it’s also created several new pressures that never existed before.



And then it would break. But hey, who didn’t love their flip phone at the time? What are the other reasons you miss your Motorola RAZR or LG Shine? Do you remember the first person you knew that had a cell phone? How long did you have to hold onto your flip phone before converting to a smart phone? Reminisce below!

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