App To Look For: Notegraphy

notegraphy app


Notegraphy is a web and mobile application that rethinks the way you write and share text online through design. Tired of plain looking status updates? This is the fix for that.

With Notegraphy, you can create beautifully formatted layouts in real-time.

Be it a single word, or an entire novel, in only three steps – write, style and share – your text will be ‘Always Beautiful’.

Just check out Notegraphy’s brief video to get the visual gist of the app!


– 25+ carefully-curated collections by some of the world’s best graphic designers.

– Automatic Formatting.

– Instant sharing to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

– Save notes locally and send them by email and WhatsApp.

– Create your personal and customised Gallery.

– Get inspired by browsing through the best notes created by others.

– Multi-platform support available on web and iOS.
Text-heavy social networks have been focusing on making their platforms more visually friendly, likely taking cues from the intense success of Instagram. Still, words persist, but what if we could somehow combine our desire to express ourselves in copy, but make it look … you know, beautiful? Enter Notegraphy, a new typography app that hopes to creatively enhance your written communications.







Download the app on iTunes!

By David Pate, G+ profile.

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