App to look for, Follow your Dreams with Everest

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

App-to-look-for-build-your-dreams-with-EverestEverest is the coolest app I have seen in a while. Wow, wow, wow, wow….you should really check it out! Everest is an app that helps you to live your dreams-whatever they may be.  The simple version of how it works is as follows: Type in your “dream,” write down the steps you need to take to get there and plan out a timeline, get inspiration and challenges from other users, document your steps as you work toward your dream! The long version I borrowed from a TechCrunch article written by Josh Constine:

To ease you in, the on-boarding flow gives examples of dreams you might want to achieve, such as “Learn to cook 10 healthy meals,” “Run a half marathon” or “Be an amazing Dad.” A feed of public challenges that other users are tackling can provide more inspiration. You can adopt a dream from someone else to jumpstart your journey or compose one from scratch.

Next comes the toughest part of climbing Everest: You have to fill in the steps to your goal. This can be quite mentally taxing. You need to figure out the right path to success, determine how ambitious to make your steps (should I run 2 miles or 3.5 miles a day?), set a schedule and reminders, then manually tap-type them in. When you finish you’re left with a daunting list of tasks that can leave you exhausted before you even start completing them.

App-to-look-for-build-your-dreams-with-Everest App-to-look-for-build-your-dreams-with-Everest

You’ll then receive push notifications to nudge you to complete your scheduled steps. When you open Everest you’ll see a list of your current dreams. Open one and you’ll see your progress, though your next steps are buried in a yellow lightning-bolt tab. Open that, and all the steps are folded up in their own calendar entries so you can’t see them, which is face-palm-worth bad design. Swipe right on a step to physically cross it off, and reveal a chance to share your efforts to Facebook or Twitter.

To distinguish itself from leaner task-management apps like Lift, Everest prods you to “capture moments” aka photos as you chase your dreams. You might shoot and share one of sunset on a run or playing catch with your kid to scrapbook your journey and inspire others to keep up with theirs.

The idea of accountability through social encouragement and companionship is central to Everest. If friends are watching, the startup believes you’re more likely to keep striving toward success. That’s why you can follow friends, comment on their activity and send them push-notification nudges to stay on track.

App-to-look-for-build-your-dreams-with-Everest App-to-look-for-build-your-dreams-with-Everest

I played around with the app for a couple of days. It is really great–it is designed well, the UI is very intuitive, and the concept is a lot of fun! Everest also has stellar reviews in the Appstore.  User sprynmr’s comment explains perfectly why this app is so special, he or she says:

“Something to look to the future instead of always spending time on the past. Very well executed. Beautiful.”











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