The Best Cloud Storage Platforms – Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud

In the recent times of countless data storage and data sharing, Cloud storage is one of the best options available where you can keep your business’s vital data safe and accessible. With the advent of cloud storage and cloud servers, it has become extremely easy and accessible to backup all the crucial files and data online.

You can now access all your files or share all your files from any place in the world. Cloud storage facilities not only helps you to keep yourself updated, but also makes it easy to  access the files from anywhere in the world as and when needed. It also offers you with the best backup option and it is provided with the option to share the files more easily and conveniently.

It is a fact that a cloud storage platform will keep your files at your fingertips, but choosing one can be complex. A dizzying array of cloud computing services has developed, each with an exceptional feature and one must choose the platform one needs based on the business and daily requirements.

Lifehacker community conducted an online survey and poll in 2013 and concluded that the best cloud storage platform are- Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Bitcasa Infinite Drive.


According to Reuters, TwinStrata, an innovator in cloud-integrated storage solutions, unveiled its 2014 predictions for cloud storage on 4th December 2013. TwinStrata founder and CEO, Nicos Vekiaridesekiarides, predicts that in the future “global companies will begin pursuing multi-cloud strategies based on geographic considerations with American CSPs in the States and European or Asian CSPs in other geographies” due to the Snowden effect.

TwinStrata is a company that offers cloud-integrated storage solutions that seamlessly combine the flexibility of cloud-based technologies with the vigor of traditional storage.

But there are some downsides of all cloud storage platforms-You do not control the cloud, it can be slow and sometimes expensive, and no internet means no cloud.

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

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