Best Dating App, What Not To Do: Carrot Dating

Every week, Top Mobile Trends features a dating app. Online (and mobile app) Dating has increased in popularity over the years, and seems to be part of the dating norm now. This week, our Featured Best Dating App is more.. well, How-Not-to-Do Dating app.

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This week’s pick is Carrot Dating. A dating app with a twist, or more a dangle if you will. The premise is simple – women want to go on dates that they get more out of than just the pleasant company of a man, and men are willing to provide these extra benefits in the form of expensive dinners, holidays, adventures etc. Kind of like dangling a carrot to get a horse to do something – same principal.While I’m not against the idea that people lay it all out on the table and explain what they want (I love honesty), it feels more like a business transaction than a date. Isn’t the best part of the date not knowing if you’ll get butterflies from excitement or an iffy stomach cause your date has weird food preferences? Or is that just me?

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Plus, don’t you want your future partner to be able to tell what you want, without you needing to put it in a ‘proposal’ to have them say yes or no to it? I know – this means that people will only choose dates they’d enjoy and you get that first step out of the way because you know you’ll both enjoy this – but that isn’t what this app does. It gives men the “power” to pick their first choice rather than “settling for second best” – those are the words of the founder by the way, not my own personal opinion.
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But I have to admit…on week’s where I spent a little too much on the weekend and there’s a nice restaurant I’m dying to try or there’s a pair of killer heels I want – I have entertained the thought of signing up for this app, a free meal’s a free meal right? But no, I’ve stuck to my ethical beliefs that people – no matter your pick-up-ability deserve the right to a real relationship, not one based on bribery. To be honest, the whole idea gives me flashbacks to Kanye West circa 2009.

By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

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