Best Dating App: How About We

Every week, Top Mobile Trends features a dating app. Online (and mobile app) Dating has increased in popularity over the years, and seems to be part of the dating norm now. This week, our Featured Best Dating App is How About We.

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HowAboutWe was built for the soul purpose to help people fall in love and stay in love. The process is simple.


Step 1: Post your favorite date ideas, think outside the box – like apple picking, laser tag or think inside the box like casual drinks or dinner and a movie.

Step 2: Check out other people’s dates and profiles, find people in your area who like what you like.

Step 3: Make plans and go! It’s that simple.


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HowAboutWe lists four main reasons why this particular online dating service beats out all the others.

  • It’s fast, easy and the most fun way to find AMAZING dates
  • The online portion is only to help meet people, once you’ve met them meet up in person! Too much online messaging is never good.
  • By connecting with people with similar interests it will feel more natural, more fun.
  • Mobility. The app allows you to find and post dates whenever inspiration strikes.


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By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

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