Breakfast Creates Interactive Street Sign Called Points

By Grace Barry.

Im fuuhhhreaking out.

Just kidding, but I do think that this looks really awesome. We all know that finding your way around NYC can be hard; you could have lived here all your life but still find the tiny streets of the financial district really confusing. In addition, NYC seems to lack the helpful tourist signs(maybe I have seen 1 or 2 decrepit ones) that other big cities have–you know the ones that say like “Metro this way” or “Park over there”. Feast your eyes on this beautiful creation brought to us by Breakfast, a NYC digital-experience innovations company. The creation is called Points and it is an interactive street sign. The sign, besides looking really cool and futuristic, can mind-blowingly change and update based on a variety of factors. Jon Fingas of Engadget summarizes it nicely,

Breakfast NY’s new Points sign is much, much smarter. As long as it has an Ethernet or WiFi connection, it can spin its arrows toward locations on demand or as they become relevant, whether it’s the local bar at night or a concert stage in the afternoon. The signage is also aware of what’s happening, not just where: Points can tap into Foursquare, RSS feeds, Twitter and other sources to display trending hotspots, sports scores and other live updates.



Cool features…

  • The signs can rotate: Points features rotary electrical interfaces which allow the arms to endlessly spin 360° in either direction, removing the issue of tangled wires. While this solves one problem, it creates another: knowing the exact position of each arm at all times. To accomplish this, Points utilizes a 200 pulse per rotation quadrature encoder, allowing it to know its exact rotational degree at at any given point. It also features a magnetometer and touchless magnetic switches that assist in always keeping it pointed in the right direction.
  • 16,000 ultra-efficient LEDs: The super-bright LEDs panels that make up each arm’s display were custom designed to look beautiful, be highly reliable, and perform in a wide range of environmental conditions. Their wide viewing angle allow the displays to be easily readable from any direction, while Pulse Width Modulation achieves the greatest brightness and the ability to handle complex fading.


It can live in…

  • Cities: By leveraging an array of real-time data, cities can keep tourists and locals informed with the latest city-related information while also promoting local restaurants, stores, parks, museums, etc…
  • Conferences: Provide attendees with an easy way to find talks, events, and local destinations. Points helps direct people to a conference room down the hall; or a BBQ restaurant across town. It also drives people towards events just as they are about to begin.
  • Transit: By leveraging real-time APIs, Points can serve up where transportation can be found and when the next bus/train/plane/car will be departing or arriving.
  • Events, concerts, and sporting events


Where is the info from?

  • Custom events: Conference rooms, talk times, stages, and any other custom event locations can easily be served up, allowing Points to direct attendees to where the next best thing is going to happen.
  • Twitter: Points pulls in hashtagged and geotagged tweets that are associated with brands, talks, concerts, etc., serving up-to-the-minute comments and interactions relevent to the surrounding audience.
  • Foursquare: Check-ins, Mayors, and Tips can all be pulled in via Foursquare, highlighting trends and hotspots around a given area or event.
  • RSS Feeds: Points can be hooked up to any RSS feed from which it can pull information like local and global news relevant to whatever crowd is present.
  • Businesses: Local restaurants, stores, events, etc. are pulled in via local data APIs, allowing Points to serve up the nearest and best places for that time of day. It additionaly pulls info such as open/close times and daily specials.

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