Do you unplug? Go off the grid?

By David Pate.

We talk a lot on this blog and on the web in general about all of the advancements we have made when it comes to staying “plugged in” to the world around us. We’ve also all have read the importance of businesses having an online presence – a website, social media accounts, a blog, etc. The list is endless.  Do you ever unplug?

Most of us are constantly connected, checking phones, tablets, laptops, computers, or iPods many times per day. I know I am guilty, if I so much as even stir overnight, I am checking my phone for texts, Facebook updates, or after-business-hours emails sent from editors or colleagues.

But are we all too connected? It’s certainly possible. There are many reports of how much time we spend connected to the Internet. While researching for this blog post, I came across statistics that say that the average person spends as much as 3 hours or more per day on social networks. 3 hours! That is a lot of time. That does not take into account any other Internet usage.

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Sometimes I find myself just shutting my phone off and closing my laptop for a day or two. Sure, I get antsy and think: “Do I have new emails?”, “I wonder what everyone is updating on Facebook..”, and “If I don’t check Reddit, I’m going to miss out on 3 new memes in a day!” It sounds really silly if you think about it. We sit there with our noses in our phones or sitting with awful posture in front of a computer screen for WAY TOO LONG.

But yes, we are a social species, so it only makes sense. But maybe going off of the grid for a day helps.



Let us know, do you ever unplug?

For how long?

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