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“har•mo•ny” – a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts”



harmony the addictive puzzler is a colorful and musical game that brings together simplicity and complexity in harmony. Your objective is to rearrange blocks according to a palette of colors. Blocks may only move horizontally or vertically and each block must use up all its moves. Sophisticated color palettes range from simple boards with 3 colors up to incredibly challenging 10-color boards. As levels increase, so does the intricacy and beauty of each color palette.

This is a beautiful game with wonderful music and sounds! The levels become challenging, but at a slow pace.




The game begins by simply offering three colors spread across nine squares in a three by three grid. Blocks can only be moved vertically, and horizontally, and each block has a specific number of moves that have to be used. The levels start out simply enough to get you familiar with the mechanics, and then you’re introduced to multiple colors from four to ten different colored blocks to arrange in a specific color palette order.

Accompanied by elegant background music and harmonized sound effects, harmony is truly a game to be experienced! Download today and experience the harmony!




• Simple, yet challenging gameplay
• Custom, aesthetically-pleasing color palettes
• Over 1000 beautiful levels
• 3-color to 10-color boards
• Natural progressive increase in level complexity
• Latter levels are insanely hard!
• Music and effects blend together in harmony
• Share your progress on Facebook!

Be sure to share your level progress on Facebook and challenge your friends to see how far you can get!


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By David Pate, G+ profile.

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